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Born in Pordenone in 1986, after graduating in Pharmacy, she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where she developed her artistic research based on the philosophical and physical nature of the Void , Void conceived as a potential source of every aesthetic manifestation.

She is particularly interested in the representation of what exists but cannot be seen, such as the micro and macrocosm and the energies that surround living beings, which she develops through the study of the sign.

The poetics is inspired by Taoism and how this doctrine can have correspondences with Greek philosophy, πάντα ῥεῖ ὡς ποταμός, and with modern physics, and the Chinese character mu which means "not there", "not", "without" which refers to a determined absence or to a determined void in the sense of "what, in something, is not there" which signals the efficacy and usefulness of that "not being otherwise determined".

She is currently enrolled in the Biennium in Painting at atelier F of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.






Collective Exhibitions


- Art of Marine Sciences, Venice 2021

- Other Visions Gallery, Venice 2021

- "The timeless art of the portrait" Italian Embassy in Athens 2019

- "Sculpting and coin in the spirit of Olympism" Numismatic Museum of Athens 2019

- "Anatomy of beauty" Ex Gola furnace, Milan 2019

- "Black and White", Tambuca Versilia, Viareggio 2019

- Artnight, Venice 2018

- "Paths in art", "Between earth and sky", Biennale BaldoFestival Verona 2018

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